Critical Need Compliance For Hazmat Violations, Refusal of Shipments, and Hazmat Inspections

You need help with a critical hazmat compliance situation and you need it now.

Have you had a visit by USDOT, PHMSA, FAA, FRA or FMCSA enforcement? Have you received a notice of hazmat non-compliance or violation? Are shipments from your company being rejected because of hazmat violations?

If so, you have a critical problem on your hands and you need a solution – fast. The hazmat transportation experts at Currie Associates can help.

Hands-on Support to Diagnose and Rectify Hazmat Violations

At Currie Associates, we are familiar with hazardous material regulations and standards for transporting dangerous goods. Our team offers extensive hazmat review and auditing services to organizations in a variety of industries, as well as variety of hazardous materials training options to help you ensure that your organization complies with dangerous goods handling standards. In critical situations, we can deploy a member of our technical team to your site for hands-on support. We will put our expertise, experience and knowledge of global compliance to work for you to help you determine why packages are being rejected by carriers and identify the root cause of your organization’s hazmat violations. We can also conduct a gap analysis/review/audit to identify systemic problems so that management solutions can be designed to rectify compliance problems.

For those organizations who have been penalized for Hazmat compliance violations, Currie Associates also offers help with penalty mitigation.

Need On-Site Hazmat Compliance Help?

If you need help with a critical compliance situation, you need Currie Associates. Our team of global compliance professionals can help you every step of the way, from identifying the compliance issue to resolving the issue and mitigating the penalty.

Find out how Currie Associates can help your business comply with dangerous goods regulations. Give us a call at 518.761.0668 or complete our online contact form to get started.