Professional Online Hazmat Training

Function specific and general awareness e-courses.

Currie Associates offers a wide array of online hazmat/dangerous goods training courses to help you meet your training needs. Our online hazmat training offers many benefits over traditional classroom or on-site training and can be a cost effective alternative for businesses when budgets are tight, travel is limited and resources are scarce.

Why Choose Online Hazardous Materials Training from Currie Associates?  

Some of the benefits of online hazmat training include:

  • Accessible 24/7. Our interactive training programs are accessible anytime, anywhere on a computer with Internet access.
  • Convenience. With our self-paced online training programs, students can easily stop and pick up where they left off.
  • Expert instructors. Our online hazmat training programs are taught by certified instructors with experience in the industry.

Features of Our Online Hazmat/Dangerous Goods Training Programs

Our online hazmat and dangerous goods training courses are fully animated and narrated by certified instructors to ensure students are provided with the latest regulatory information for hazmat training in an interactive way. We separate our training programs into modules for each of the job functions affected by the regulations, such as shipping documentation and hazard communication. Our courses feature review questions throughout the course as well as a final student assessment to verify an understanding of the material presented. Upon successful completion of our online hazmat training courses, students will receive a certificate.

Our IMDG training programs are accepted by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

Browse our Online E-Learning Store to find our online hazmat/dangerous goods training programs and courses available for purchase including:

View more of our online hazmat and dangerous goods training programs here, or learn more about how our customized hazmat webinar training can help you meet your training needs.

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