Global Compliance Solutions


What you may not know could put you and your company at serious risk.

Partner with Currie Associates to ensure that your business is operating efficiently and in compliance with hazardous materials / dangerous goods transportation regulations.

Put Our Team of Leading Experts to Work for You.

Tap into the knowledge and experience of regulatory specialists that can assess your risk, answer your technical questions, train you and your employees, and help guide you through the regulatory maze.

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Currie Associates will:

  • Evaluate your compliance program;
  • Assist you with regulatory issues;
  • Minimize your risk of penalties, fines, and other consequences of non-compliance;
  • Establish a systematic approach that can be applied to product identification throughout your operations;
  • Help you and your company stay current;
  • Develop policies and procedures to avoid inconsistencies;
  • Help you “sell” the compliance model;
  • Provide global compliance guidance in all modes of transport;
  • Assist with due diligence for possible acquisitions;
  • Provide GHS classification and compliance guidance;
  • And more.

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