Hazmat Transportation Compliance Review & Auditing

Is your company at risk when handling dangerous goods and transporting hazardous materials?

Incorrectly classified, packaged or described shipments put you and your company at risk for frustrated shipments, injuries, lawsuits, penalty actions, negative publicity and in some cases catastrophic incidents.

An independent review of your hazardous materials transportation safety and security compliance program can shield you and your company from exposure to potential risks associated with transporting dangerous goods.

By becoming aware of any shortcomings in your handling, management and transportation of hazardous materials, you can begin to address these issues immediately to mitigate risks.

Dangerous Goods & Hazmat Handling Process Review

Hazmat transportation compliance review and auditing services from Currie Associates can help you understand whether or not your hazmat handling process is putting your business at risk. Our comprehensive audits assess the risk – corporate and individual – that could result from the improper handling, storage, shipping, offering for transport, or transporting of dangerous goods.

As a part of our dangerous goods compliance auditing and hazmat handling process review, we provide:

  • A confidential and privileged written report of any and all hazmat program strengths and/or deficiencies.
  • Specific instances of regulatory non-compliance detailed for consideration or correction with citation of the applicable code, referenced by section.
  • Recommendations for correction of deficiencies or enhancement of management systems.
  • Recommendations for hazardous materials/dangerous goods training to help protect your employees and company.

Understand Your Company’s Hazmat Transportation Risk

An in-depth Hazmat Transportation Compliance Review from Currie Associates can help you understand and manage the risks associated with transporting dangerous goods. With our extensive hazmat auditing services and hazardous materials training, you can avoid the serious consequences of non-compliance.

Interested in assessing your company’s hazmat transportation risk? Contact Currie Associates today at 518.761.0668 or complete our online contact form to get started.