Air Transportation (ICAO/IATA)

These courses are intended for the training of hazmat / dangerous goods employees responsible for the handling, shipping, or transportation of hazardous materials (HM/hazmat) / dangerous goods (DG) by air.


ICAO / IATA 62nd Edition 2021

Dangerous Goods Transportation Compliance by Air (ICAO/IATA)

This training course is intended for hazmat employees preparing shipments for transport by air applying International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR).

IATA training is required for hazmat employees who are:

  • Classifying dangerous goods
  • Responsible for preparing and offering dangerous goods for air transportation
  • Select packaging, package, mark, or label dangerous goods
  • Validate prepared packages for compliance
  • Responsible for preparing or signing dangerous goods shipping papers

The course meets the regulatory training standards set out in the IATA DGR, Section 1.5 (as well as those in the 49 CFR, Part 172, Subpart H) for all dangerous goods employees involved in the safe transportation of dangerous goods by air and includes all recent amendments and is based on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical Instructions requirements.


Learning Objective(s)

  • Navigating the IATA DGR to determine classification/identification, selecting and filling packaging, marking, labeling, applying limited quantity and excepted quantity exceptions, and documentation requirements for safe the transportation of dangerous goods (DG)

Target Audience

  • Shippers, third party logistics companies and freight forwarders (i.e. dangerous goods employees and their supervisors) who handle, package, mark, label, prepare or validate shipping papers and offer dangerous goods for transport by air


  • Introduction
  • Limitations
  • Classification
  • List of Dangerous Goods
  • Packaging
  • Excepted Quantities and Limited Quantities
  • Marking and Labeling
  • Documentation


Regulatory Texts & References Required


Recommended Resources




Course Features

  • $325 per license 
  • Run Time: 3h25
  • Language: English
  • Includes final assessment to validate student’s understanding of material
  • Training certificate will be issued upon successful completion of course
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