Help Desk For Dangerous Goods & Hazmat Questions

Get prompt, comprehensive answers to your hazmat questions from the dangerous goods compliance experts at Currie Associates. 

At Currie Associates, we know that in many circumstances, hazmat questions cannot wait. Whether it’s a question related to dangerous goods compliance, hazmat transport procedures, or hazmat penalties, you need answers and you need them quickly! Our team of highly qualified regulatory specialists are available to assist your employees with specific questions on an on-demand basis.

When you have a hazmat question that you need answered as soon as possible, turn to the Currie Associates Help Desk.

Hazmat Question Help Desk

To assist key employees with specific questions on an on-demand basis, we created the Help Desk. Our Help Desk makes our team of highly qualified compliance professionals accessible to those with hazmat questions they need answered promptly, serving as a valuable resource for individuals in a variety of industries.

When you contact the Currie Associates Help Desk, technical personnel will review your questions and respond with answers or follow-up questions in order to provide you with appropriate assistance. You will hear back from us within 24 hours; our normal response time is within the same business day or 12 hours, depending on the time the question is received by our team.

To ensure we have a technical consultant available to answer questions as they may arise, we make every effort to have at least one hazmat consultant available at all times.

In addition to serving as a resource for answers to questions related to dangerous goods transportation and hazmat compliance, the Currie Associates Help Desk can also serve as a resource to cover for vacation and other out of office situations incurred by the corporate compliance staff.

Get The Answers to Your Hazmat Questions

If you need timely assistance and information related to a hazmat question, turn to the hazmat professionals at Currie Associates. Our experienced hazmat technical consultants have decades of experience and will provide fast, comprehensive answers to your dangerous goods inquiries.

Have a hazmat question you need answered now? Give us a call at 518.761.0668 or contact us online to get the answers you need from the leading hazmat industry practitioners at Currie Associates.