Training Program Review & Update

No time to update your dangerous goods training or internal compliance program? Currie Associates will help!

In addition to providing hazmat compliance review and auditing, Currie Associates also provides dangerous goods training program review services. Our staff of dangerous goods consultants can quickly and thoroughly review and assess your current dangerous goods training. We will revise your hazmat training programs to include the latest regulatory changes and include products or activities unique to your organization. Working closely with you, we will create an up-to-date, customized dangerous goods training specific to your organization.

Customized Dangerous Goods Training Programs

We offer a variety of hazmat training courses and delivery methods, making it easy to develop a training program that suits your organization and employees. From on-site training sessions and classroom training utilizing workbooks and on-demand training courses, webinars, and customized interactive online training, our seasoned staff of hazmat professionals will provide effective hazmat training solutions to meet the training mandates and requirements of your industry.

Our customized dangerous goods training programs are designed to be an essential element of your internal computerized training system and are engineered to utilize your employees’ time with the greatest efficiency. Designed in a modular format, our training programs ensure the highest level of focused comprehension by your employees.

Have an Expert Review Your Dangerous Goods Training Program

Looking for a cost-effective solution to meet dangerous goods training regulations? Interested in having our team of dangerous goods consultants provide your organization with a dangerous goods training program review and update? If so, contact Currie Associates today at 518.761.0668 or contact us.